Why Does My Laptop Keep Disconnecting From Wifi

Does your laptop frequently disconnect from Wi-Fi, and you do not know the reason? Then read this article till the end. We have answered your queries.

Wi-Fi is one of the essential technologies that you need in every device. It connects you with people all around the world within seconds. You can get every information from the internet, be it business or personal. Without the internet, your device is nearly of no use.

Many people face the issue of disconnecting Wi-Fi from their devices. It is really frustrating that the Wi-Fi abruptly disconnects from the device while you are working or doing some important task. Outdated software can be one of the reasons for this issue. But, some other reasons can be caused by this Wi-Fi disconnecting matter.

Why Does My Laptop Keep Disconnecting From Wifi

In this article, we have listed why your laptop keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi and easy ways of fixing this issue. Also, we have answered the frequently asked questions regarding this topic.

Reasons for disconnecting Wi-Fi from laptop

Before getting the solution to the Wi-Fi disconnecting issue, it is important to know the actual reasons. There can be many reasons for dropping Wi-Fi signals from your laptop from faulty modems to out-of-date routers.

In this article, we will discuss some of the common causes of the disconnection of Wi-Fi from your laptop. Let’s check them out!

Outdated router

One of the reasons for disconnecting Wi-Fi is an out-of-date router. It is important to have an updated router that features new technologies for smooth network connections. Old routers that cannot meet new technologies can cause poor Wi-Fi connections or disconnecting problems.

Connected to multiple Wi-Fi networks

Another reason for disconnecting Wi-Fi from your laptop might be due to the multiple Wi-Fi connections in your device. If multiple Wi-Fi is connected to your device then there are chances that the Wi-Fi keeps switching from one connection to another. It can cause the disconnection of Wi-Fi signals.

Simple ways to fix laptop disconnecting from Wi-Fi issue

Before trying the other methods, first, check your router. Sometimes, it is the router that does not catch Wi-Fi signals properly. In this case, change the router first and then try other methods of fixing the Wi-Fi disconnection problem from the laptop.

Following are the simple ways and solutions that will hopefully work for you to eliminate the Wi-Fi disconnecting issue from your device.

Let’s have a look!

1. Try Troubleshooter

Almost every device comes with a troubleshoot setting to fix internet problems. It is given at the left bottom corner of the laptop screen. If it is not given there, go to the start menu and click on setting. Here you will see the update & security option. Now open this option and click on troubleshooter for Wi-Fi connections.

There are 80 percent chances that your Wi-Fi disconnecting issues will solve from troubleshooting the network connections.

2. Remove multiple Wi-Fi connections

If your laptop is connected to multiple Wi-Fi signals, you need to remove or disconnect all the other Wi-Fi networks from your device and connect the one that delivers the strong signals.

Also, if your network connection is public then switch on the private option. For this go on the start menu and click on network connections. You will see the change connection properties option. Click on this option. Then switch on the make this PC discoverable option to change your setting from public to private.

3. Reset the Device

Resetting your device can help in fixing this issue. All the external connections will automatically be removed when you reset your device. For resetting the laptop, go to the settings and click on the update and security window. There you will see the reset your device option, just click on it and your device will reset.

4. Restart your router

If the above three methods do not work, then restart your router. Plug out the router for 5 to 10 minutes, and then plug it in again. Also, click on the forget password of all networks connected to your laptop and then enter the password again to the network that shows the excellent signals.

What is the role of a router in Wi-Fi Connections?

The router plays a vital role in handling network connections to your device. Like in other modern devices, router technology has changed and upgraded over the time. It is important to have the latest technology router at your home and office.

There are two types of routers available: wireless and wired. There is no need to connect the cable to the laptop in wireless routers. It automatically catches the signals once you connect it to your device. Wired routers need to connect through cable wires. There is a port given in your device where you have to insert the connection wires.

The router’s place also plays an important part in the network connections. Always keep the router near the device you want its access to. Besides, things like fireplaces, thick mirrors, and brick walls can be the barrier and block your Wi-Fi signals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does my device keep disconnecting due to the poor Wi-Fi signals?

Yes, poor Wi-Fi signals can be caused by disconnecting Wi-Fi signals from your device.

Does the laptop catch the Wi-Fi signals from the mobile hotspot?

Yes, almost every laptop has access to catch mobile hotspot signals. If you are connecting Wi-Fi through mobile hotspot, keep the laptop near the mobile to which you will connect.

Summing up the article

It isn’t very pleasant when your device does not run smoothly and you cannot get Wi-Fi access, especially when you are doing some important work or in the middle of online gaming. The simplest way to that works in many cases is to restart your device and reset the Wi-Fi network connection.

If this method does not work then try any of the above methods. We hope that the above guide helped you to fix the Wi-Fi disconnecting issue.  

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