How to Choose the Right Backpack for Laptop

A laptop backpack is a must-have if you’ve to carry your laptop with you anywhere, and frankly, everybody has to go places. The traditional laptop backpack is an essential item that serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. It’s necessary to protect and increase your laptop’s life once you’ve bought one. 

When you consider the backpack as protection for the laptop, you’ll realize how essential it is to invest in a durable, long-lasting, and safe laptop bag. There are a few things to think about when buying a backpack. Laptop backpacks are available in various styles to fit several demands, including hand-held sleeves, messenger bags, packs, and over-the-shoulder totes. Consider your needs and get a backpack that meets them.

Most people like a casual bag that is appropriate and stylish for work, business, and formal meetings are a fantastic choice. But how to choose the right backpack for your laptop? Before you make a decision, consider the following reasons.

How to Choose the Right Backpack for Laptop


Most laptop backpacks are designed to handle bigger laptops but double-check the size and dimensions of the backpack before purchasing. You wouldn’t want your laptops to be too large to fit in your bag or too little to shake everywhere. For keeping everything in place, some laptop bags contain Straps safety bands.


If you only use the backpack for work purposes, you must consider buying something more durable and handy that can easily be transported to work. If you take subways, your backpack may require additional cushioning to protect you from being banged along in the bus or subway at rush hour. Backpacks are an ideal alternative if you ride bikes or cycle.

If you stroll, look for a waterproof bag that won’t burden your shoulders during the monsoon. Usually, a backpack-type bag is a fantastic choice.

Many photographers even have to travel around carrying their laptops and camera gear with them, so you’ll need to buy a different type of backpack. There are different backpacks for different purposes. 


The laptop compartments are built to keep your valuable equipment safe. Some people prefer basic, inexpensive foam. Some will use unique shock-resistant material or even hang the laptop on a bracket to ensure it survives a fall. While compact laptop bags typically have one laptop pocket, many now have a feature for a second section for 10-12 inch iPads or tablets.

Although you wouldn’t intend to travel with either laptop or tablet, this compartment might come in handy for holding documents or a notebook.

Before buying it, consider if it has separate pockets for keeping USBs, memory cards, chargers, earphones, etc. 


Most people don’t buy laptop backpacks often, so make sure that it is of good quality and durable when you buy one. Choose good quality, long-lasting fabric you’ll need to use daily. 

Zippers of good quality are necessary for maintaining your laptop secure inside the backpack if you would like them to last a long time since a broken zipper would make the backpack unusable.

Additional pads on the backpack, especially the shoulder strap, are recommended to protect the laptop and your back. Adjustable straps are also very important. Always keep them fixed and adjust them according to the weight.

Many laptops are heavy, and you do not need a backpack to dig into your shoulders while you use it. 

It’s vital to have a waterproofing liner on your laptop to keep it secure in any conditions. You wouldn’t want your laptop to become soaked!


A laptop backpack with additional security measures isn’t necessary for everyone. It is, however, recommended if you reside in a high-crime area. Hidden zippers, lockable zips, and a secure laptop sleeve all add to your safety.


Are you someone who likes a lot of pockets and compartments in their backpack? Or are you someone who forgets everything and thinks having too many pockets and compartments complicates everything? 

The amount and types of compartments, pockets and other storage choices available in today’s backpacks can differ greatly. Also, how many you’re satisfied with is your decision. If you want to keep things simple, you might opt for a compartment, a padded cover for your laptop, and up to three little sections for extra items.

You might also acquire a bag with compartments for a variety of applications. Detachable files, laptop packs, separators, and other components are included in some backpacks.

Having a flat bottom of a backpack makes it much more useful and better to stand on its own. The height, weight, style, or pattern is your call. 

Keep reading this article to find out some of our best picks from Amazon.

Basic Laptop Backpack 

  • This laptop backpack can easily contain a 17-inch laptop.
  • It has several compartments for keeping USBs, data cables, chargers, and other small things.
  • It also has a separate pocket for keeping a water bottle.
  • It is very affordable.


Travel Laptop Backpack

  • It has many compartments for keeping accessories.
  • It has a built-in USB interface. You can also charge your phone via a power bank. 
  • It also has an earphone interface so you won’t have to hold it, and your hands will be free.
  • It also has the anti-theft feature, preventing anyone from opening your backpack.
  • It has adjustable straps and padded shoulders so your shoulders and spine won’t hurt.
  • It is perfect for travel.



  • It is perfect for work
  • It s very slim and won’t feel heavy on your back.
  • It is water-resistant and made up of durable material.
  • It can be fit on your luggage as well.

Final Words

We have made everything clear and recommended some of your top pick backpacks. If you’ve read this article completely, we’re sure that now you know how to choose the right backpack for a laptop.


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