What is the Difference between M1 and M1 Chip Pro?

Searching for the best chipset? Find out what is the difference between M1 and M1 chip pro and make a decision today! 

We all know that Apple has launched the M1 chip, a masterpiece of performance speed, and comes with a hybrid architecture, but which one should you choose, M1 or the M1 chip pro? Here is what you should look for before you buy one!

Let us make it clear! M1 and M1 chip pro come with vast and significant differences discussed in the article.

However, you should be aware of the dynamic changes being made by Apple. Apple has emphasized bringing graphics and computing together to deliver maximum performance and speed. Therefore, Apple has two different chipset variants in the market, which are M1 and M1 Chip Pro. So, what’s the difference between the two? Let us get started!

What is the Difference between M1 and M1 Chip Pro?

M1 Chip & M1 Chip Pro 

The M1 chip comes with 8 cores; however, four cores are for CPU performance, and four cores are for CPU efficiency. These cores help to deliver maximum speed and performance.

The M1 chip is crafted with 16 billion transistors, making it a perfect option for high-end performance and efficiency. In addition, M1 comes with 7 or 8 GPU cores designated for high-end graphics, making it an excellent choice for gamers. The M1 chipset also comes with 16 neural engine cores, which delivers a firm foundation for machine learning. 

The M1 chip pro gives a double performance as the M1 chip because it comes with 24 – 32 GPU cores which also delivers a perfect gaming performance. On the other hand, the M1 chip pro comes with 8 – 10 CPU cores, 6 – 8 cores are designated for CPU performance, whereas 2 are efficiency cores. The M1 chip comes with a unified memory capacity of 8 GB and 16 GB. However, the M1 chip pro comes with a 16 GB, 32 GB, and a unified memory capacity. You will also experience that M1 ProPro is designed with the help of 33.7 billion transistors which is double the M1 chip. 

It is also important to say that the M1 chip pro comes with media engines which are as follows: 

  1. Video Decode Engine
  2. Video encode engine
  3. ProRes Encode and Decode Engine

Power Consumption M1 & M1 Chip Pro 

M1 and M1 chip pro also come with different power consumption and give an extended battery life because it comes with Ice storm cores designed to cool the system. M1 chip uses four cores for high-performance, also called firestorms, and it also operates four cores for ice storms designed for energy efficiency.

On the other hand, the M1 Pro chip comes with 2 CPU “configurations.” The 8 cores in M1 chip pro are used for high efficiency and high performance. 

M1 Chip & M1 Chip Pro Graphics 

Another comparison of both chipsets is based on graphics. One of the most significant impacts of Apple is that it has integrated the CPUs and GPUs. All the GPUs are included in the chipset. However, the M1 chip comes with an 8 –core GPU. On the other hand, M1 Chip Pro comes with 14-core GPU and 16-core GPU. Therefore, M1 Chip Pro comes with a faster performance which is double the M1 chip. 

M1 Chip & M1 Chip Pro Media Engine 

The video-centric customers would be pleased by the M1 chip pro because it has a media engine that supports a video encode and decode machine, giving the best video-making experience. However, you would not find video encoding in the M1 chip. The best part about the M1 chip pro is that it will handle your video professionally, and the higher memory would complement the videographer experience. However, if you want to go greater, you can opt for M1 chip Max, another chipset by Apple. 

M1 Chip & M1 Chip Pro Connectivity 

One of the significant features is connectivity, i.e., Thunderbolt connectivity. When we talk about the M1 chip, it supports thunderbolt four connectivity; however, the device comes with fewer connectivity ports. However, this drawback has been covered with the help of M1 chip pro, which provides sufficient ports for connectivity. If you are looking for various ports and connectivity, then the M1 chip pro should be the answer. 

Why is M1 Chip pro faster than M1? 

The answer is simple! M1 chip pro comes with double cores, GPUs, and count, making the M1 chip pro much more efficient than M1. However, both chipsets promise to deliver a high speed, performance, and efficiency due to their hybrid architecture, which is exceptional.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is M1 Pro equivalent to? 

M1 Pro comes with 16 GPUs, which is equivalent to 5.2 teraflops. According to this, M1 Pro is comparable to Radeon RX 5500, and it is also equal to Geforce GTX 1660 TX. Now that you know all the math choose the most efficient and effective one that suits your requirements.

Is M1 better than i7? 

M1 is a tough competition for i7 because it offers a great set of features and comes with a perfect hybrid architecture for professionals and gamers; if you are looking for a powerful chip, the M1 should be it. 

Is M1 better than i9? 

M1 and i9 are the most formidable competitors because most features are similar, and it is hard to say which one is better. However, if you are looking for a chipset for machine learning, M1 is perfect. Otherwise, you can select i9, which is ideal for gaming.

What is Apple M1 vs. Intel? 

There is a competition between Apple and Intel based on speed, performance, and efficiency. However, M1 is a powerful chip based on a hybrid architecture with four cores for performance and four cores for efficiency.

Final Verdict! 

M1 and M1 chip pro are exceptional hybrid chips that deliver power, speed, and efficiency perfection. However, you can choose the best chip that works for your requirements and enjoy it!

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