What does the M1 chip do? Is it better than i9? 

There is fierce competition between the M1 chip and i9, so how do you determine a winner here? Here is all you need to know!

M1 chip and i9 chip are the most potent pack options delivered to provide ultimate performance. However, which one has a competitive edge over the other? Here’s is all you need to know! 

What does the M1 chip do? Is it better than i9?

What does the M1 chip do? 

M1 chip is a combination of performance and speed as it offers a rate of 3.5 times more than any other performer. However, the M1 chip is designed to deliver an incredible speed of 15x, designated for machine learning and its algorithms. 

The Apple M1 chip is introduced for Macbooks to deliver high-end performance and user experience that will last forever! 

FOR MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE, the M1 chip integrates different components, including CPU, GPU, RAM, and SSD controller. By combining these components, the M1 chip has become a powerful giant. 

One of the significant advantages of the M1 chip targets a unified architecture that helps to combine all the components easily, which leads to higher speed and performance instead of dealing with each aspect separately. 

One of the surprising factors of the M1 chip is that it is composed of 16 billion transistors which guarantee top-notch performance. 

Components of the M1 chip 

The M1 chip is a powerful solution to all problems because it is designed to beat all processors; however, i9 comes from the 12th generation of processors. Both are high-end processors, and we will discuss them further. Before that, have a look at the components of the M1 chip. 


The Apple M1 chip is revolutionary because it combines different components under a single chipset, guaranteeing maximum performance and undoubted speed. The M1 chip comes with an 8-core processor, out of which four cores are designated to efficiency and the other four cores are designated to performance. 

 Therefore, four cores are for multi-threading while the other three carry out single-thread operations. This multi-tasking experience takes this chipset to another level worth the hype. However, the silicon chip also comes with an 8-core GPU which guarantees the best-integrated graphics. 

 Now that you know about the Apple M1 chip, you need to know about i9 to carry out a perfect comparison. So, here it is!  

Intel Core i9

The Intel i9 processor is the most competitive option besides the M1 chip. So, which one is better? An i9 processor is a high-performance option with 14-cores more than the M1 chip. However, it delivers more cache and power and comes neck to neck with an M1 chip. Core i9 provides six cores that are kept for high-performance while 8 –cores are for efficiency.

The best part is that the Intel Core i9 delivers a speed of 5.0 GHz, which is phenomenal. However, Intel also guarantees that it is the fastest processor till now, and soon it will become the fastest mobile processor once it is introduced!

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Components of Core i9 

Core i9 is a powerful processor with the highest numbers of core processors, which delivers a smooth and high-end processing speed and experience. 


The i9 core is one of the fastest and most effective cores that you can find. It comes with 14 cores designed for exceptional performance and is a perfect choice for gamers. However, the i9 processor is four times faster than the M1 chip, jaw-dropping. Also, the power efficiency of i9 tends to be outstanding. The CPU is compatible with DDR4 and DDR5 memory. 

Is M1 better than i9? 

M1 chip and Intel i9 are efficient and fast; however, the M1 chip is more performance-driven due to the hybrid architecture, which combines all the components that help deliver high-end performance. After looking at both processors, we can say that both processors are efficient and fast. However, i9 is shorter than the M1 chip because it offers more cores than M1.

In addition, i9 comes with 14 cores for efficiency and processing. However, when it comes to single-core processing, M1 is ahead of i9, and when it comes to multi-core processing than i9 is ahead of M1. However, the hybrid architecture of M1 gets a competitive edge over i9 because it is crafted to cater to the needs of machine learning.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is M1 good for gaming? 

Apple processors are also known for gaming and machine learning. However, the hybrid architecture is perfect for speed and processing. 

What processor is better than M1? 

At the moment, M1 is the fastest and most powerful processor, designed to deal with machine learning which requires a lot of battery life, speed, and performance. However, M1 achieves the goal and delivers the best performance ever! 

Which chip is the fastest? 

M1 and i9 are the fastest chips you can find because they come with multiple cores designed to give maximum performance and speed. These chips are perfect for gaming and professional use because it is based on efficiency and speed. 

Why are Apple Processors so fast? 

Apple processors are fast because they are designed with 16 billion transistors, which helps combine CPU and GPU on a single chipset to deliver maximum efficiency and performance. If you are a professional or a gamer, the apple processors should be your final and ultimate choice. However, you can also choose Intel’s i9 core because it is based on 14 –cores for maximum efficiency, speed, and performance that you will love! 


What does the M1 chip do? Now, you know that the M1 chip is an ultimate combination of speed, performance, and battery life designed for professionals so that they can be built and do something exceptional. On the other hand, i9 is a perfect combination of speed and performance for gamers. However, i9 is the fastest mobile processor because it comes with multiple cores more than M1.

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