Difference Between an Office Chair and a Gaming Chair?

Are you a gamer or office person? Both need to spend long hours on their chair for gaming or working on the files.

The chair is an important place for their most of the day time. So it must be suitable for the health and comfort levels.

Choosing the right chair according to comfort, ergonomics, and design is a daunting task. Many choices are available in the market, such as gaming and office chairs. Every seat has different features that make it tricky to choose one.

However, both gaming and office chairs are different from each other. Here we will share the difference between the office and gaming chair to understand them better and make the right choice.

So let’s dive into it.

Difference Between an Office Chair and a Gaming Chair?

Gaming chair and Office Chair: Key differences

It is easy to differentiate between the office and gaming chairs based on their style and color selections. Usually, the office chairs have solid colors that quickly blend with the workplace’s interior. The gaming chairs have large frames and attractive shades according to gamers’ themes and choices.

However, there are many significant differences between the office and gaming chairs, including the ergonomics, design, and support.

Gaming Chair

The gaming chair has the racer style due to its tall and winged back, cushioned seats, and raised edges. It comes with the head and lumbar support arm and footrest that you can adjust according to your comfort level. Moreover, it has more reclining power that helps bend and relax after sitting for continuous hours.

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The features of gaming chairs include:

  •     Colorful designs
  •     High winged back
  •     Bucket and cushioned seats
  •     Raised seat edges
  •     Perfect lumbar and head support
  •     Arm and footrest
  •     Recline perfectly up to 180 degrees

Office Chair

The office chair is perfect for the aesthetic look. It comes with flat cushioning along with a wingless back. Moreover, it has a built-in lumbar and head support. The armrest has a simple up and down movement with limited recline and tilt locks.

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The traditional computer chairs are similar to the office chairs in design and features. however, the standard features of an office chair include:

  •     Flat seat with less cushioning
  •     Short back with fixed head support
  •     1 D armrest with limited movement
  •     Fixed lumbar support
  •     Recline only up to 110 degrees
  •     Subtle and solid designs

So there are some common differences between the office and gaming chairs. You can choose the one according to your sitting hours and workload.

Here, we will share the differences or comparisons of chairs according to their comfort, aesthetic, and ergonomics level, making them more transparent.


The primary purpose of buying high-end gaming and office chairs is to enjoy comfort. The gaming chairs come with comfortable seating material and cushioning. There is no doubt that these seats are more comfortable than the flat seats.

The office chairs have thinner cushioning material with no padding at the armrest.

The gaming chairs also have more significant dimensions than the office chairs. It has a broad back with an adjustable lumbar and headrest. 

These chairs are more comprehensive and give every user the perfect comfortable sitting position. The office chairs have a short back that you can adjust to in small workplaces. It lacks in comfort level compared to the gaming chair.

Here, the gaming chairs are winners for getting more comfort in similar price tags.


The chair’s ergonomics are also essential in comparing while choosing a chair for yourself. There is an excellent option regarding the ergonomics in both gaming and office chairs. Remember that ergonomics is related to how much you can adjust your chair according to its frame, angles, and height.

The gaming chairs have more personalization features, including the adjustable lumbar and headrest, detachable height adjustments, and many more. It comes with the built lumbar support and armrest.

At the same time, the office chairs have fewer features to adjust. You can make more periodic adjustments in the office chairs due to their capacities and building techniques. However, modern office chairs are now expensive and offer additional ergonomic features like the gaming chair.

So if you can invest more than usual, then office chairs also provide similar characteristics related to ergonomics.


It is an essential factor to compare gaming chairs and office chairs. It is a fact that office chairs are much cheaper than gaming chairs. You can find a good office chair for around $50, but the gaming chair is more the $100.

Now keep in mind that the office chairs are cheap, but the gaming chairs provide more value to your money. the price of a chair, including gaming and office, depends on its features that can vary and give different weights to your money.


It is one of the significant factors that can impact your decision. The aesthetics mean how your chair looks in the working or gaming place. The standard gaming chair didn’t appeal to most users due to its aesthetics. 

But the office chairs are more aesthetic due to their subtle colors and professional designs. Whether the gaming chair has the perfect ergonomics and comforts level, the office chairs are more aesthetically that complement the interior of the office perfectly.

Final words

We all want to have an ideal chair in a gaming room or office. The above guide and differences or comparisons help you choose the best chair between the gaming and office chair. Moreover, it is essential to understand your needs before investing in expensive chairs. There is a significant difference between the rates of both chairs.

So when you know about your needs, you can better decide every aspect. However, the gaming chair is expensive and offers incredible comfort, ergonomics, and features. You can choose one from both of them according to your needs and enjoy spending time while gaming and official works. 


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