9 Best Laptops for Old People in 2024

When choosing a laptop for old people, remember that most people want an easy-to-use laptop. Touchscreens are ideal, especially for seniors who are unfamiliar with keyboard use. Dual-feature or 2-in-1 laptops are also a good choice as they can be used by the old aged as touchscreen tablets and regular laptops with keyboards.

Old people need a laptop to help them check their e-mail, write documents, read newspapers and books, watch videos and chat with distant family members. Here is the list of the top 9 Best Laptops for Old People in 2024.

9 Best Laptops for Old People in 2024

1- ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop

8- Best Laptop for Nursing Students - ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop

UHD620 Figure 13.9 inch display core i7-1165G7AsusZen book comes with an observable internal structure.

Taking full advantage of Chrome, the Zenbook 13 consumes less battery, making it a light, durable and comfortable laptop while being rugged so it can be used for a long time.

Zen Book 13 is the end-of-the-day course, and we hope Zen Book 13 will be a comfortable PC choice for old people. This is an average ultraportable device that can replace daily timetable assignments like messages, so tick Linux and add it to your recap list.

It can be used for school assignments and art tours.

 A PIN code does not have to be entered, so this is a convenient feature. The laptop also comes with a USB-C adapter that can charge from 0 to 46 degrees Celsius in 30 minutes.

This laptop, DaVinci Resolve, is well suited for watching live 4K movies, playing video games, and making video calls.


  • Storage and memory Excellent
  • 10th generation latest model
  • Bezel display with NanoEdge technology
  • Stunning keypad
  • Durability of military-grade
  • Easily connect from anywhere


  • The microphone is not really good

2- Lenovo Flex 5

7 - Lenovo Flex 5 14 2-in-1 Laptop 14.0 FHD Touch Display

Two-in-one laptops are becoming more popular today as they can be used as tablets. Tablet users like them for their touch screens and keep their business running smoothly.

The Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 is also the best laptop for old people and those who work in the office and need to play some games. Like other laptops of this type, it offers excellent performance and impressive battery life.

 Manufacturers prefer AMD CPUs to traditional Intel CPUs. Vega series GPUs perform much better in-game. It also has AMD Radeon 7 integrated graphics, which can’t run AAA games at high resolution, but still has some room for gaming.

It has 8GB of RAM for easy upgrades and 256GB of NVMe storage for seniors. The most highlighted feature of this laptop is that it comes with a touchscreen. Touch screens are very convenient for most seniors because they prefer to type from the screen rather than typing forever.

This laptop has a dark screen which can be a problem for old people as they need to focus on viewing small text and the like.

Running this laptop in tablet mode will cause many issues due to glitches and errors, but that is because of the Windows issues here.

I hope Microsoft fixes this. On the other hand, if you use the keyboard, you will find the best laptop for typing.


  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • ideal for mid-gamers
  • convenient and comfortable
  • Excellent Build Quality


  • Display is dim

3- Acer Aspire 5 Slim

2 - Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

Acer isn’t known for its top-of-the-line model, so it’s the best laptop for old people. The Acer Aspire 5 Slim is a stylish, lightweight, portable laptop with a full-size screen and no features.

What you get is a crisp 15-inch display with 1080p high resolution. Videos, e-books, e-mails, and watching movies can all be done with this perfect clarity. Acer TrueHarmony sound also offers good sound quality (without surround).

However, this laptop has outstanding features. It is one of the best and fastest wireless connections in the industry because of its 2×2 channel configuration. Those in your life who are older won’t have to worry about connectivity when they’re walking around the house or going outside.

Designed for anyone who isn’t always connected to the Internet or forgets to charge their laptop when they turn it on, the Acer has 7.5 hours of battery life, one of the longest on the market at this price point. Back to work.

Backlit keyboards aren’t a unique feature, but they help with key visibility. A full-size keyboard is easy to type on with the low voltage rating of the keys. The laptop is easy to use, fast, and always connected to the Internet. Laptops must be older adults.


  • Setup is easy
  • Wireless Convenience
  • Connects quickly and securely


  • Manufacturers do not offer insurance.

4- HP 17-BY1053DX Core i5 Laptop

4 - HP (17-BY1053DX) 17.3 Laptop - Core i5-8265U - 8GB Memory

The best laptop with a bigger screen is easily a 17-inch HP. This laptop isn’t the lightest model on the market, but it’s unrivaled in screen size and space. It comes with Windows 10 in S mode.

S-mode is a security mod designed for casual users who don’t want to deal with security installations and add updates. In S mode, you can only use Microsoft-approved apps in the store. This means you cannot use Chrome or sure firewalls or virus scanners.

But what most people don’t understand is that Windows 10 S is Windows 10 Pro in Protected Mode. There is no cost to switch from S mode. The only downside is that it’s irreversible if you change it.

Otherwise, HP has everything you need to enjoy a large, ultra-high resolution 1080p (1600×900 resolution) display. The sound is also great for people who like to chat and don’t want to wear headphones.

Applications and programs are easy to download and install, and with MS UAC Control, you don’t have to worry about the invasion of malicious programs. Overall, this is great for seniors, including seniors concerned about online safety.


  • Easy to install
  • Simple and responsive design
  • UHD display
  • integrated media reader


  • Battery life is satisfied.

5- Dell Inspiron HD Touchscreen Laptop

5- Dell Inspiron HD Touchscreen Laptop

It’s a simple-looking device that doesn’t look very pretty, but it’s all affordable, backed by a powerful processor and a comfortable keyboard. The screen is 15.6 inches and features LED backlighting, touchscreen capabilities, and Truelife HD to add magic to your multimedia experience.

The screen resolution is 1366×768 pixels. The touchpad is wide at 4.1×3.1 inches. You can use gestures to call Cortana, and it works fine.

It offers HD quality computing technology with brilliant dual-core performance and an Intel Core i5-7200U mobile chipset. The Intel processor runs at 2.7 GHz.

It provides ample storage space for documents and programs with 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD hard drive. The graphics card is an Intel HD620 with decent gaming and video streaming capabilities. Bluetooth 4.0 is integrated. 

The keyboard on this Dell laptop is easy to use for older people. A very rare DVD burner these days is also a great feature. Ports include HDMI output, Ethernet jack, headphone jack, 3 USB 3.0 ports, SD card reader, and disk drive.


  • Multimedia users.
  • Integrated Intel HD Graphics
  • HD-quality performance
  • Affordable


  • The screen flashes every 10 minutes sometimes.

6- TOSHIBA Tecra A50-E 

6 - Toshiba Dynabook Tecra Business Laptop

It has an Intel i7-based processor, 8GB of RAM, 210 SSD, a USB port, HDMI port, VGA port, Bluetooth, and native Windows 10 Pro. All the unique features of National Home Window 10 are included in Veteran Home Window 10.

Undoubtedly more comfortable encryption and rich package options, as well as enterprise outstanding receiver support, i7 laptops, and this wi-wi-fi wireless opportunity, its durability, and durability.

Many wireless machines trust it. It is a wireless network for old people who no longer choose to stop, and its purpose is a device that can be maintained.


  • Ensure enterprise-grade security for your data
  • LED backlight display
  • 8th Generation Intel Core i7
  • Glazed screen
  • Intel HD Graphics


  • A little bit expensive for seniors.

7- Apple MacBook Pro

9 - 2020 Apple MacBook Pro with Apple M1 Chip

The Apple Macbook can’t run most Windows apps, but it can be an excellent option for productivity gains. The Macbook’s Retina display appeals to the elderly with vibrant colors that are pleasing to the eye.

Other 13-inch screen laptops lack many features, and if they include high-end components, you’re likely to run into heating issues.

While this laptop is the thinnest in its class, it contains high-end components that can handle productive tasks seamlessly, so you don’t have to carry a power adapter everywhere.

Apple’s latest Macbook computers include many of the features you’d typically find on an iPhone, such as Touch ID. One of the things Apple needs to improve is the 720p camera.

Apple’s Macbook Air is known for its excellent battery life because most users need to carry a power adapter, but that’s no longer the case. Apple claims 10 hours of battery life when using a browser or performing non-intensive tasks.

The old model was only offered for 8 hours, so the battery life is slightly longer than the previous model. The Apple Macbook has two Thunderbolt-3 ports and a USB Type-C port.

This laptop has no security risk, but it is generally essential for old people who cannot use Windows applications.


  • Excellent keyboard
  • Retina Display is stunning
  • With Strong Speakers


  • Fewer ports
  • Heavy

8- ASUS Chromebook

8 - ASUS Chromebook C202 Laptop

If you need a simple, easy-to-use laptop designed for simple tasks, the Asus Chromebook is the perfect Chromebook for seniors.

There are also practical applications for the elderly, initially developed for children’s distance learning.

However, keep in mind that this is not your average laptop. There is no hard disk. There are only 16GB of flash storage (optional upgrade to 32GB). Chromebooks run on Google OS, and everything is done online.

Simplicity is key, which is why the Asus Chromebook is better than anyone else.

The laptop weighs just 2.6 pounds and has two grip strips on the bottom, making it easy to carry around with your small, old hands.

The Asus Chromebook also boots up very quickly (around 10 seconds) and lasts all day with 10 hours of battery life. Get free access to Google Cloud Storage (100GB) to store files, images, and videos for one year.

However, at the end of your 12-month subscription, you will have to pay to continue using it.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • non-slip grips
  • Quick start
  • Powerful batteries


  • There is almost no local storage.

9- HP Chromebook HD Laptop

9 - HP Chromebook 14-inch HD Laptop

With an Intel quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM, and a 14-inch display, the HP Chromebook is an excellent PC for anyone who needs a super wireless laptop that can take a pill with the adaptable and durable 180 Diploma Hub Pivot.

This gentle and robust desire is great for FL Studio, the frugal client who uses a computer for faculty, work, or favorite entertainment features.

Old people love the easy and fun way to get around with this laptop. You should also play various interesting Android video games, but everyone likes to take advantage of the admin center suite and network-based media packs.


  • Micro-edge anti-glare
  • LCDs Display
  • Sleek design
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Not enough storage.

Buying Guide – 9 Best Laptops for Old People

Laptops can be tricky for old people. They work perfectly, but computers need to be user-friendly, flexible, and easy to use.


No one can deny that things don’t go the way they did as they get older. We have less flexibility and sensitivity in our eyes, hands, and fingers. Ergonomic laptops can reduce some of your worries.


It is essential that laptops are easy to carry and slim. The senior should find it moderately easy to carry their laptops from their comfortable couch to the lounge.


You don’t need a screen with the highest resolution. When the resolution size is large, icons and text may be too small to be effective. Laptops with large fonts and icons and 720P or 1080p HD are ideal for enhancing your laptop experience.


You need enough storage space for images and videos to install special programs that elderly relatives need. If you’re using an SSD, 256GB or more is sufficient in most cases. At a relatively low cost, HDD storage can be expanded to 1TB or 2TB.

Battery Life

Battery life is rarely a problem. The battery needs to last long enough so that seniors can perform their daily tasks. Suppose your laptop is usually plugged into the electricity and only used when necessary. The 5-hour battery will work fine and save you some money.


Furthermore, a benefit of savings is that you don’t interrupt your RAM upgrade. Modern CPUs with 16GB of RAM are adequate for running most apps and software for the elderly.

Increasing the RAM is fine in most cases, but don’t worry too much here. To ensure that your system has enough RAM, make sure it meets the minimum system requirements.

Connectivity and Operating System

Whether you want to run the latest in Linux or customize your Mac OSx environment, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect for the elderly. The operating system should be familiar, but most seniors don’t learn about computers in school. Those with computer experience are mainly trained in Windows-based systems.

The familiar layout and user experience will significantly help you get more out of your laptop. Also, there is no waiting time as you have to connect with a broadband connection.

If older relatives need to Skype with their grandchildren, they should be immediately available.

Warranty and Pricing

The price depends on who buys it. If older people buy their products, they also need to consider their income. Most older folks own bonds, so you should carefully consider the expense of the laptop.

Warranties also require special attention. Unexpected damage and drops are generally not covered under warranty, so it is recommended that you consider investing in laptop insurance.

Final Words

When purchasing the best laptops for old people, there are many factors to consider. Price, ease of use, and screen resolution are our top priorities. It also needs to be light for travel, that’s why we have reviewed the list of 9 best laptops for old people for your help.

Also, we recommend the Lenovo Flex 5 is the best laptop for old people. It has everything modern seniors need to stay connected. It’s also easy to use and has a powerful battery to get all the tasks done on time, every time.

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