How to Keep the Gaming Laptop Cool?

Laptops that are designed for gaming are more fragile than gaming desktops. The reason is that such a large number of components are packed into such a small space. In addition, the components in gaming laptops are becoming stronger, and the laptops become thinner, so it is definitely harder to keep them cool as they get more powerful.

In case you have the option of getting a gaming desktop instead of a gaming laptop, it’s not a good idea to constantly run heavy games on your gaming laptop. However, on the plus side, portability makes up for this.

We will teach you how to maintain cool gaming laptops and explain various factors that affect their temperature.

How to Keep the Gaming Laptop Cool?

Don’t Run Too Many Programs

It is recommended to shut down regularly running programs instead of simply putting them in the background since the hardware’s temperature depends on its load. It is especially important to quit other programs when you launch a high-performance application such as a game, so you are not wasting system resources.

Additionally, it is good to regularly check your system for malware, such as Bitcoin miners, which can be extremely resource-intensive.

Clean the Laptop Fan and Case

As dust accumulates in space over time, it is natural for it to accumulate. As well, dust tends to build up in computer cooling systems and laptops. It is important to note that dust acts as a heat insulator and can have an effect on the laptop’s heating. Desktops with dust accumulation can be prevented by taking a number of preventive measures. On the other hand, laptops do not have the same option.

The first step is to inspect all fans to ensure they are all working properly. As laptops become older, a thick layer of dust builds up over time, causing the cooling system to perform less well. In addition, it is widely believed that when cooling fins or ventilation grilles are covered, the temperature will suffer drastically.

Some laptops have dirt filters that can be removed and cleaned easily for laptops with ventilation slots. Unfortunately, most of the time, this isn’t the case. If you need to unscrew the laptop, there’s usually nothing you can do.

The way it works can differ depending on the device you are using, so if you need help, you should consult your laptop manufacturer. It is best if you apply a layer of compressed air, cotton swabs, a vacuum cleaner with a thin attachment, or a vacuum cleaner with cotton swabs to remove dust from the laptop’s inside. 

Buy a Cooling Pad for Your Gaming Laptop

Keeping your laptop cool using cooling pads is an effective and inexpensive solution. The external fans on these pads keep your laptops cool when gaming laptops operate heavily. In most cases, you connect your device via USB to the laptop by placing it on the pad.

Some laptops blow warm air from below when they are idle instead of sucking in cold air and blowing it out. There is a possibility that heat is generated from the bottom of the device, and both of them are blocking one another when blowing air. You should first check how your laptop handles the airflow before making any changes.


There is no doubt that fans are one of the most important factors to consider when talking about laptops that become overheated. An important role that fans play in a laptop’s ventilation is airflow. Various factors determine the effectiveness of fans, such as their size, speed, pressure, etc. Bigger fans provide more forces that help push the air out of space. In addition to being able to move air more quickly, faster fans also facilitate a better air conditioning system. While slower fans tend to be quieter than faster ones, they are not as good at cooling and are not as efficient.

Upgrade Hardware

You can reduce the temperature of your laptop by installing an SSD. This will reduce the temperature of your laptop when it is under a lot of workloads. In addition, if you have a gaming laptop running on newer hardware that can handle it better, the temperature is likely to be significantly reduced.

Laptops, in particular, are often not only limited in terms of their ability to upgrade their hardware, but they are sometimes able to do something, at least in the case of the RAM and hard drive.

In addition to less CPU and hard drive load, more RAM means that files need to be transferred less frequently between the RAM and the hard drive. In that case, it would be the SSD you would install, not the mechanical HDD, and your computer will experience a performance boost and stay cool at the same time.

Renew Thermal Paste

You might want to consider changing the thermal grease in your laptop if the condition looks bad. However, you should only perform this step if you can access the CPU without any complications. Thermal paste in older systems may become dry and lose its effectiveness over time. You can replace the thermal paste on your CPU if the CPU cooler is easily accessible or simply replace the thermal paste with a better one.

A little more technical skill is required for this method, but it will reduce the temperature by a few degrees. The GPU can also have thermal grease replaced, although this can be a more difficult task.

Avoid direct sunlight

Laptops and other electronics can also be damaged by direct sunlight. Keeping your laptop out of direct sunlight is highly recommended for your laptop to remain protected and in good working order. It would help if you keep your computer out of the sun both while using it and not using it. Objects heat up quite a bit when exposed to sunlight. A laptop with too much heat can start to deteriorate the plastic.

Keep Windows Updated

You should ensure that your windows are up-to-date, so no issues need to be fixed. Your computer needs to be updated regularly to run smoothly and prevent security threats.

You should ensure not to overheat your machine to the point that its fans stop working, which is the main thing to remember. It is fantastic to play games on a laptop that is getting too hot, but at the same time, you shouldn’t. Keeping your laptop cool is the best thing you can do. You can also find other tips and tricks online that can help you and other methods of doing this.

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