How to Charge Laptop With HDMI? Best and Easiest Way

Did you ever think that laptops that were only considered used only with chargers will also go that much portable? They were indeed ahead of their time, and they brought incredible productivity in terms of portability. It has gone beyond that now because finding an outlet after a few hours of use is not very reliable, so you need some authentic source to rely on for your laptop charging. Here, we will tell you how to charge a laptop with HDMI? Easiest way.

Another aspect is when you are about to deliver some crucial yet critical meeting, your charger stops supporting your laptop charging port. That is one unfortunate event because there will be nothing you can do except for a shift to some other laptop once your laptop’s battery is all consumed.

There has to be some backup to keep your laptop charged. The good news is that you can also access and charge your laptop through your HDMI cable port. However, chargers are to serve the exact purpose, and you should not prefer charging through HDMI cable instead of your regular charger. It should be reserved for some unconditional times only. 

How to Charge Laptop With HDMI? Best and Easiest Way

How to Charge Laptop with HDMI Cable or Type C Cable?

Usually, HDMI ports are not available in earlier or too advanced level laptops that they have altered the use to Type C cables. If you do not have the HDMI cable port in your laptop, do not worry because Type C cable will do the same thing to your system. You must have at least a Type C port with an HDMI adapter and some connector to convert between the two. 

HDMI cables are mostly used for connecting LCD screens to your system so take one end connected to your screen. Take the other end to connect it to your system, which has a USB Type C port and a connector. Connect the laptop with your screen, and you will see your laptop charging again. 

It is even better to have an HDMI cable port to directly minus the extra accessories to the above list. It becomes so simple that you will only be connecting the HDMI cable with such an LCD screen that supports the HDMI connection and link your screen and Laptop. 

Let us dive deep to understand it through a stepwise procedure:

  • The initial step will be to look for the HDMI port in your system. If you do not see any, do not worry and instead arrange adapters or converters with your HDMI cord. It will be quite inconvenient for you if you arrange the HDMI cable, but your laptop does not have the port to connect. So, you must know beforehand that connectors need should be there in your mind that you are equipped with basic requirements. 
  • The next thing is that you have an LCD screen supporting the HDMI cables. Only a single cord would be enough for your laptop, Chromebook, or notebook charging. If your laptop luckily has a port for HDMI, it will save up much hassle for you. 
  • Finally, this is the last step to validate whether your charging option is still working well or not. As mentioned above, HDMI cables connect your operating devices to big screens for presentation purposes; your laptop also gets the benefit of charging through the cord. Check whether your laptop comes back turned on or shows a charging button or LED blinking. Otherwise, disconnect and connect it again or replace the cable. 

How Safe Is It?

Some laptops have included special voltage regulating charging adapters. The HDMI cables are not designed for the heavy transfer of electric current or voltage. I mean, screen sharing will consume how much? It is safe for use, but consider it at worst times like described above in terms of charging your laptop. Otherwise, your charger will go everywhere along with your laptop. 

What are the Alternative Options?

 It might be expensive, but it is a better option for your eleventh-hour use. It would help if you considered purchasing and keeping a separate battery for your laptop as a spare. Laptop manufacturers produce and provide the option to buy a spare battery with your laptop, and when you are spending on a laptop, do not save some pennies to be caught up later.

Get a battery to solve this issue once and for all. Whenever your laptop runs out of charging, you can easily detach the battery and connect the other one to keep your work going with the flow. 

Use Your Smart Phone

Your last saving spot could be your cellphone. If something happens, you can connect your smartphones with your USB port charger. It is not a great idea but can be effective in the hour of need. Keep in mind that even if you consume the complete charging of your phone, it will only incorporate with you for half an hour with 5 minutes more or less.

It is to give you the idea about it, but you know that it is not something you rely on. Let’s move to the other option.

Universal Adapter

It is the best alternative that you can consider when you are out there, being a vigilante without your laptop charging backup. They are universal because they have different charging port that almost has every possible port for your laptop. They are easily changeable, and they are the exact and perfect alternative for your laptop charger. They will provide the same voltage to your laptop as the charger. 

Final Words

Once again, HDMI cable is not for charging your laptop, and therefore, do not consider it a viable option. They will take much time and charge lesser in return. It is advised to at least use some USB connecting devices instead of multimedia connecting sources.


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