How to Clean Laptop Speakers?

Are you tired of the daunting task of your speakers cleaning? We have just the right information for you to help you how to clean laptop speakers.

Laptops are a necessity; life without our smartphones and work without our laptops seems impossible to imagine. But do we care enough about our laptop maintenance? Did you know laptop speakers can gather a lot of dust? Most people do not give much attention to it, and it results in your laptop speakers stopping working and needing to be changed. 

To save you from the speaker-changing hassle, we are here to help. The following are the most effective and quick methods to clean up your speakers without much hassle. 

How to Clean Laptop Speakers?

Alcohol Brushing

This is one of the easiest and most gentle methods to clean your speakers. They are great for removing the dust off your laptop speakers. It would help if you began by powering off your laptop and detaching the battery. Then comes the dipped Q-tip in alcohol. With the help of that, start wiping, and it will give rise to the dust particles, which you can easily take off through some dry cloth in the end. Sometimes, dust particles get stubborn, so the solution is to keep poking the specific holes with Q-tip until they come up.

Cleaning With a Microfiber Cloth

The problem with your paper towels is that they do not clean thoroughly and still leave some dust particles. Plus, the roughness of the surface of your paper towels will get scratches and stains on your laptop’s speakers, which is certainly what you do not want to happen. The solution is to use a lint-free cloth to clean better. Turning off the laptop and disconnecting the battery will be the same. Then it is an easy method. Start with gently rubbing that microfiber cloth on your speaker and rub it with a dry and damp fabric. Using a toothpick to poke out the dust is also a good option.

Apply Brushing with a Brush

For the hole cleaning, brushes can come up with a fantastic outcome. Even if you do not have any alcohol but have a good brush for cleaning complex small holes and hard-to-get places, it will do the work. The brush should be soft so you do not get scratches on your speaker. Secondly, keep focusing on what angle your brush is cleaning. If you are not attentive to it, it will come up to your keyboard or some other part of your laptop, and then a new chapter of cleaning it will open. A lint-free cloth after using the brush is the best way to wipe off the dust. 

Palm Top Vacuums

Vacuums can also get the job done. All you need to do is make sure that the laptop is turned off, the battery is disconnected, and the vacuum is not of much suction power. Pocket vacuums are the best for this purpose. Begin with cleaning the grill of your speakers and make sure you do not overdo it; otherwise, it can also end up damaging your laptop’s speaker. Finally, wipe with a microfiber cloth, in the end, to take off the dirt.

Dismantling your laptop

It is usually an option when you have to clean up the whole laptop. Furthermore, there is no harm in cleaning just your speakers. Disassembling your laptop’s upper and lower case will make it carefree cleaning of your speaker grills. It can thoroughly clean your speakers and make them look like a new ones. Remember when you unscrew the case, which screw is coming out from which hole and where you are keeping them. Mostly, people lose their screws, and it will end up leaving a little hole or gap for the dirt or food crumbs to enter, and eventually, you will have to clean it through this method. 

USB Vacuum

Now, this is perfect for this job. USB vacuums are preferable because they are smaller in size and have low suction energy, which will have the least chances to damage your speakers. The size is also quite handy and handy for use. The size and adequate suction power is the reason for being ideal for this task. 

Lint Rollers

Not everyone will agree with what is coming next, but it is pretty effective to clean your laptop speaker regularly. It will not allow the dust to stay on the speaker to stay for long, and it will be easier and quicker to wipe the speakers. But the point is we all are lazy to do that regularly. There should be something that can be cleaned daily without putting in much effort. For that, lint rollers have a stunning impact on cleaning. Just roll the roller daily for hardly a minute, and there is no need to clean it daily. 

Blu Tack

Now, this is similar to the waxing and lint roller method. Apply the Blu Tack adhesive on your speakers and remove them or pluck them and it will get the dust particles along without giving scratches on your speakers. The good part is they are effective for that dirt that is settled for a while, and now it becomes to take it off. 

Final Words

We hope you have many choices now about how to clean laptop speakers. You can use similar solutions that have the same alcohol effect on your speakers. Or you can use toothpicks to pluck out the dust. You know well what to do when your laptop speakers are hampered, and there is no other way out. It will make them last longer and with the same consistent sound quality.  

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