How to Connect PS5 to a Laptop? Easiest Way

People want various upgrades when they play different games on the new PlayStation. While most people prefer to play the PS5 on a TV or large monitor, you can also play the PS5 on your computer or laptop.

If you want to connect your PS5 to your laptop and play but don’t know how we can do it for you. This article will teach you how to play PS5 using multiple ways on your laptop. Get into it if he’s into you.

How to Connect PS5 to a Laptop? Easiest Way

Using Capture Card

This way, you can use the screen image as a monitor. This method uses a video capture card to connect the console to your laptop. This method is not that complicated. You have to spend time preparing all the instruments for tuning. The components needed to build the entire system include a video capture card, laptop, Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, file sharing compatibility, and HDMI cable. It contains several stages.

 Step 1_ The first thing to do is open the file-sharing options in the PS5 menu under the Settings tab. You will now find network configuration options that utilize the potential of your network. You will be able to get closer to your internet connection. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection, you can use a Wi-Fi router to connect using your PS5 and computer.

Step 2_ Once you’ve created a connection, you can quickly start broadcasting between the two machines. After this process, you need to connect the video capture card to your laptop using the USB port. A video card is created with the installation suite, and the program is effective as a setup and installation pie.

Step 3_ After performing step 2, you need an S-Video connection that can be obtained quickly from your dealer. Use this link to connect your video card to your PS5 console.

Step 4_ Connect the capture card to the PS5 console and run the software. The PS5 console is automatically tracked by the software and displayed on your laptop screen.

Using A Remote Play

Before choosing the remote playback method, make sure your system meets all the prerequisites.

Here is the remote play presets you will need:

  • A laptop with a Windows 10 operating system (32 or 64 bit is acceptable).
  • At least a 2.6GHz processor is required for the laptop. Otherwise, the better.
  • RAM must be at least 2GB. Storage space must be at least 100MB.
  • The minimum display resolution is 1024 x 768 pixels.
  • You need a PS5 console (with the latest system software).
  • You will also need a PlayStation Network Account (this is the one used with the PS5).
  • The internet connection must be strong and fast – at least 5Mbps. The best experience is achieved with a 15Mbps (via LAN cable) connection.
  • The PlayStation Controller will also need to be connected to the laptop with a USB cable.

Step 1 _ You need to find a remote reading application. After searching, download this app and install the right one for your Mac or Windows laptop. With this app, you can enjoy gaming steam on your laptop screen.

Step 2_ Activate the PS5 console after installation. If you have multiple PS5s at home, you need to activate the PS5 as the primary PS5 console. To do this, you need to open the software. Then go to the configuration options. Then select the PlayStation Network settings. Select Account Management in the subcategory to enable the primary PS5. If necessary, you can update your PS5 software to advanced software.

Step 3 _ Activate the Remote Play after you have completed the above steps. You can find this option under PS5 Settings.

Step 4_ The default setting is to enable rest mode. However, you should check its status regularly.

Step 5 _ After performing the above steps, open the remote application on your laptop and go to the application settings menu. This option allows you to use other settings, such as resolution. If you set the resolution value to 720p, this resolution value is considered an ideal choice. In addition to all this, you can also adjust the frame rate.

Step 6_ The controller holds the PlayStation and Share buttons to connect the controller to the wireless USB adapter and flashes on the laptop screen. Then connect the USB adapter to your computer and hold it for 4-5 seconds.


There are various steps in this method. You need to download the latest version of the Remote Play application from the Sony website. It is highly compatible with laptops with Mac or Windows operating systems. This app comes with an installer, and it’s easy to download.

Step 1_ Once you have downloaded and installed the PS5, turn on your PS5 and go to Settings to enable the Remote Play connection. You can access the game’s network by activating the PS5 or leaving it in hibernation. If the console is not in rest mode, you can set the console to rest mode. If you do not know that your PS5 is in rest mode, you can go to the power-saving settings to find out.

Step 2 _ You can run the console to enable “power on” from the network. Open the remote application on your laptop and find the setting option in the application. So you can set the parameters for full 720p resolution. You can connect the controller to the monitor using a USB cable.

Step 3_On laptops, you can plug in a USB adapter and press the remote for a few seconds to pair. Click the start button to enter the PlayStation login screen, and the app will automatically select PS5 on your system. You can set up your laptop to stream multiple games using this method. This method is easy to do.


These methods will help you use your laptop screen as a monitor for your PS5. These methods are not complicated. If you want to learn how to connect ps5 to your laptop, you can follow the below methods. The PS5 can be run on a laptop

and play multiple favorite games for a long time without any issues.

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