How to Make a Laptop Screen Brighter than Max?

How to Make a Laptop Screen Brighter than Max?

Getting a brighter screen in daylight is the dream of every user. However, you may also face the issue of flat screens in light. Do you? If yes, then don’t worry. It’s a common issue that many of us also face in our daily life.

Here we will share some valuable guides through which you can make your screen brighter than maximum levels. So please keep reading and find more about it.

How is it Helpful to Make the Screen Brighter than Max?

If you want to add some little sarcasm to your desktop or laptop screen, then enhance its screen brightness. It will add more value to your screen and help you work on it effectively. Human nature doesn’t accept natural things. We all want to increase or decrease the screen brightness according to our requirements. It’s helpful to know how to make the screen brighter than max.

Moreover, the average max level of the screen is not enough in the sunlight. The 100% brightness on a highly bright day looks low, and one can’t see the vibrant color of their screen.

You may think that the technology changes and every device comes with automatic brightness adjustment features. Yes, it’s true that now laptops, tablets, and mobiles have automatic brightness features, but is it worthy of daylight?

The automatic brightness adjustment feature increases or decreases the brightness according to the environment. But it will not increase the max level of screen light. It would help if you grew the screen brightness brighter than max.

But here is the common question: how to do it? It depends on various factors like window type, application type, etc.

Increases the Screen Brightness Brighter than Max

Modern devices also need to set or adjust the screen brightness to the maximum levels. It is possible to increase the brightness with some short keys. When you put the brightness at its top levels, you need to take additional measures to make it brighter. You can adjust it more than the built-in range.

Here we will share some possible ways to increase the screen brightness. Ensure that you follow it by having the suitable widow type and applications.

Adjust Your Display’s Brightness

The maximum brightness level of every computer, laptop, and mobile device vary. So first, you need to set the brightness at its top level.

It is easy to set the brightness with keyboard icons. Usually, the keyboards feature the F1 and F2 keys for brightness adjustment. But keep in mind that some keyboards have different keys for increasing the light. Check your keyboard F keys rows and look for the brightness icons.

However, the F1 dims the light, so press it until the brightness reduces to a minimum level. Similarly, the F2 is for increasing the brightness more than the max levels. Press F2 until you get your desired level of light on the screen.

The brightness from keyboard shortcuts also depends on the windows. If you have window 10, you need to set it from the action center. Go to the action center, which is available on the right side of the taskbar. When you are at the action center, you will find the slider for changing the brightness of your screen by scrolling it.

If you have MacBook computers, the screen adjustment settings are different:

  1. Adjust the screen brightness manually by selecting the system preferences bar.
  2. Go to system preferences and click on display from the menu bar of apple.
  3. Increase the brightness according to your desired levels.

However, if this brightness is not enough for your requirement, you can also use the other methods, including calibration or by apps.

Apps for Boosting Brightness

If you have android devices, you have plenty of options for increasing the brightness levels more than the max. But if you have Apple devices, setting brightness levels is different, primarily through applications.

Lux app is one of the great apps for customizing your screen’s brightness level. Moreover, another great app is CF. Lumen that helps you to change the screen brightness. It is a great app that will help you set the brightness according to the time of day or night and location. So if you want to customize the screen brightness more than maximum in daylight, it’s a great app.

You can quickly install it on your devices and control the screen brightness from its menu bar. It has excellent features that help you manage the brightness intensity, backlight customization, and many more. If you have a Mac device, you can increase the brightness more than max by using the brightness slider app. Moreover, you can also cut down the blue light to get the less intense brightness.

Choose the brightness apps according to the device and then control them according to your requirements.

Adjust Monitor Brightness Through Calibration

If you use the shortcut keys of your keyboard and apps, but both don’t help, then this is the best option for you. For example, calibration is the key to increasing screen brightness more than max levels.

Now the window 10 comes with the color calibration wizard. But, again, it is modern technology that makes your brightness process easier and quicker.

Open your computer settings and go to system and display options. Here you will get multiple displays. First, select the advanced display settings and then the display adaptor properties. It will lead you to the color management tab, where you can choose the color management, advanced, and calibrate display option. Now calibrate the laptop screen according to your requirements.

Go to preferences and click on display. In the display section, you will choose the color and then calibrate. Keep in mind that calibration in a MacBook depends on your OS. Moreover, if you have the MacBook, you can also enhance the brightness more than max through the calibration wizard.

Final Words

By summing up, it is clear that you can boost the laptop screen brightness more than max levels. But still, if you have low brightness, it may have other issues like low battery, energy system preferences to conserve the battery power, and others. So choose your suitable methods and set the brightness levels according to your requirements. However, if you want settings, press the F2 button and turn off these features.


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