How to Make SIMS 4 RUN FASTER on a Laptop?

Sim 4 is one of the live games that has all the attractive features for players. It contains life designs, nature, and many more to build the desire of playing games in us. Sim 4 gained so much popularity among the players due to all the human aspiration aspects. If you’ve ever played sim 4, then you know about its charm.

However, many of the players want to play it on their laptop screens. But they face difficulty due to their poor speed. If you are also facing this issue, then don’t worry. We are here to help you with this.

Here we will share the practical ways to increase the speed of sim four and play it faster on laptop screens.

Now keep reading to find the answer to your query and play the sim four at your desired speed.

Let’s dive into it.

How to Make SIMS 4 RUN FASTER on a Laptop?

Minimum System Requirements for SIMS 4

Sim 4 has some requirements to play on your computer screen. Keep in mind that if your computer screen fails to fulfill these requirements, you will not be able to play it.

Some of the essential requirements for sim 4 include:

  • The laptop must have 64-bit along with windows seven or above.
  • A faster processor or core i5 is preferable. If you don’t have the core i5, then ensure that processor has 1.8GHz or above speed.
  • The RAM should be a minimum of 4GB
  • The Laptop should have the 15 GB space available for the Sim 4. If you have 1 GB extra, it’s a plus to store the relevant content and other configuration settings.
  • Video memory should be above 128 MB with competent graphic processors.
  • Must have both pixel and vertex shaders

If your laptop has all these requirements but still games run with lagging, you need to do some tasks. These methods help to play the sim four at a faster speed than usual.

Methods to make sims four faster

Here are some essentially practical methods to increase the speed of your sims four at laptop screens.

Clean your PC

Cleaning a laptop is essential for enhancing its overall performance. We all know that our systems have plenty of useless files, transients, and garbage files that reduce the system speed and take up a lot of storage space.

So it is necessary and mandatory to perform the cleaning task at frequent intervals.

If you want to play the sims four at windows 10, perform the cleaning to enhance its speed.

Here are some instructions for cleaning your laptop. 

  • Go to settings options and click on the system.
  • Here, you will find the trash, unnamed and short files that you will clean.
  • Choose your desired pickup and select all the files that you want to discard.
  • Remove them, but these files are still available in the recycle bin folder. Ensure that you remove all the unnecessary files from recycle bin as well
  • Now check your storage space and notice the rise in it after removing all the junk from your laptop

Start working on the game, and you will have better speed now. But if there is no difference, choose another option from the list to optimize the gaming speed.

Install the latest graphics driver

As your graphic card gets old, the processor also shows lags in your games. So it is wise to install the latest graphic card whenever you notice delays in your operations.

Here is a quick method to keep your graphic drivers updated.

  • Go to the taskbars research box. Click on the device manager and then enter
  • It appears in the pop-up box where you have plenty of alternatives.
  • Ensure that you choose the display adaptors by double clicking. The graphic processors appear in the dropdown menu.
  • Now press the right click on it and choose the alternative as Update Driver.
  • Click on it and continue by having two options of automatic track for repeated driver software.

Graphical settings in the game

Graphical settings also play a significant role in their speed. So if there is no difference in your speed after cleaning the pc or updating graphic drivers, you need to check the game settings.

  • Go to the menu from settings and then select the game options.
  • It has the graphics section where you can change the sim’s four settings regarding its objects, lighting, and many more. But, first, change the graphical settings to medium or low.

These graphical settings enable sims 4 to work with flow and move freely. However, it comes to the price factor. Sometimes we have to compromise on low graphics due to high price demands.

Upgrade your system

If nothing works for you to enhance your sim’s four-speed, this is the best option. Update your laptop. Gaming laptops have better speed and function. You can replace your old pc with a new gaming device.

Otherwise, you can update the hardware and increase its storage space, central processing unit, and RAM. Now it’s up to you how many modifications you can make. But ensure that these updated versions have the liability with the game requirements and make it as fast as you want.

Final Words

Sims 4 is an engaging game that players love to play for their entertainment. Unfortunately, it also has some glitches that reduce its speed, especially on your laptops. However, many players face a common issue while playing the Sims 4 on Windows 10 or below. Now you have many technical guidelines and make your laptop updated for playing sims at a faster speed.

By summing up this article, you have practical ways to make the sims four faster on your laptop. So choose your suitable method and try it. If one method didn’t work well for your sims four-speed, move to another. all these methods help enhance the speed of sims 4.

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