How to Track a Stolen Laptop with a Serial Number?

Laptops are incredibly important to us, so we can’t function without them for so many reasons. First, laptops are incredibly powerful, which means that we can access valuable information on the go.

Upon discovering my laptop had gone missing while away from home, the first thing that came to mind was all the data and personal information lost. Moreover, I realized that I had no idea how to locate a lost laptop. It was embarrassing to be ignorant about how to track a serial number on a stolen laptop, as it would have been a quick way to rescue it.

It does not matter whether your laptop was stolen (or lost) or lost. There is still a chance to recover it. No matter how much care you take of your laptop, this can still happen regardless of how well you take care of it. However, some events surrounding this situation may occur so quickly and cannot be controlled with the proper support.

 It is possible to track a stolen laptop with a laptop tracking device. It is essential to track a lost laptop if you have one. This article discusses how you can keep track of a stolen device with a serial number and other steps you can follow.

How to Track a Stolen Laptop with a Serial Number?

What is a Serial Number?

The serial numbers on electronic devices are assigned at the time of purchase. So if you’re thinking of purchasing a brand new smartphone or a laptop, it is helpful to note the serial number. 

In the world of electronics, serial numbers are numeric codes that are randomly assigned to every device sequentially. Serial numbers help save time and effort by allowing devices to be easily recognizable. In general, companies or brands keep the serial number of the product they manufacture to monitor its quality.

In addition, retailers can monitor the stock they purchase by using the same serial number, and a network provider can keep an eye on the device to make sure it isn’t being misused.

Is it possible to track a stolen laptop by its serial number?

In the event that your laptop is stolen or lost, the serial number can be used to track it down. One of the worst things that can happen to a person is when they lose their cell phone, as there might be sensitive personal information in them or pictures from their past.

A serial number is always given to a local network provider if we purchase a new device, and that number will match the serial number that the manufacturer or brand gives.

Unfortunately, tracking software or a program embedded in your laptop is the only way you can track directly via the serial number.

However, it would be recommended to notify the local network provider if you have misplaced your laptop or if it has been stolen. If the laptop is connected to the Internet, they can track the laptop immediately on sight if they have proof of ownership.

Many experts have stated in this field that a serial number is ineffective in tracking a laptop. However, I have a different take on this statement. The service providers or the local police can assist in tracking laptops by their serial numbers.

Is it possible to trace a stolen laptop based on its serial number alone?

Serial numbers for laptops are not only numbers but also a fundamental method of identifying the device. The serial number identifies the particular laptop. Even if they only serve as initial recognition, they can be useful when filing a police report, insurance claim, or pawnshop complaint.

The only thing you can do if you have a serial number for your stolen laptop is to find out where it is. If you elect to take advantage of tracking software, this information, among others, may generally be utilized as a part of the tracking process.

Final words

Despite the distress of losing photographs of loved ones and memories of losing the novel, you were planning to finish, knowing that your personal data is at risk is even more concerning. It is someone’s worst nightmare to lose their personal data.

With the GPS (Global Positioning System), you can locate and track electronic devices. However, you need Internet access to use this method.

Certainly, not every device and not everyone can track and locate the device. For example, suppose you find your laptop’s serial number. In that case, you can contact the local network operators and administrators to locate it or block it from being used by the network operators.

Tracking and locating your MacBook is only possible through the Find My Mac feature or any third-party application and tracking software.


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